The passion for raw material, for design and the certainty that furniture must be equally practical, beautiful and gratifying is what drove the birth of TBL furniture, since long time in the mind of Giorgia Longoni.

Giorgia is the soul of TBL furniture, passionate and capable in both the conceptual design and the mechanical engineering, she oversees the whole creative and manufacturing process. This rare attitude is due to her origins. Grown up in the Italian furniture and design district around Milano, Giorgia has always spoken the workshop language staying by her father side. She worked with carpenters, glass-makers, marble-cutters and metalworkers to produce the furniture components, then assembled and sold in the family showroom. During the years, she has expanded and refined her taste, also thanks to the influences of her professional career as interior designer by a famous architectural firm in Milano, where she designed private houses, restaurants, clubs and luxury brands shops all around the world.

TBL furniture starts from here: the mission of conceiving and creating original, valuable and long lasting products.